The Reindeer is Non-Denominational

I once acquired a typewriter from an ex government facility and upon exhausting the ribbon that it came with, I was able to read what had been previously written using the typewriter. This was mainly information regarding their Telecom accounts and carpet cleaning bills, but also included everything I had written in the previous few years. I drew an image of an antique picture frame onto a series of ripped up pieces of tracing paper and made photocopies of it. I then cut that out and placed the typewriter ribbon behind each, and upon photocopying once more the writing on the ribbon was visible in a palimpsest format. I then made a number of cut-outs of reindeers onto found papers and attached them to the front of the photocopies. I was fascinated with the image of the reindeer due to the fear involved with their existence. The very sound of a stick breaking has the capacity to terrify a reindeer in running away from their prospective killers.

This work was culled due to the weakness of its message. The reindeer alone has become a graphic symbol used all too often in kitsch art and graphic design. I did not feel that this work added anything new to that trend.