Planck's Constant of Non-Food Vascularity

‘Planck’s Constant of Non Food Vascularity’ (2011) was originally shown at a solo show entitled ‘Pigs and Reindeer and a lot of Wasted Youth’ held at Umbrella Studio, Townsville, in 2011. It consisted of six blank pizza boxes with silhouettes of a cow, pig, sheep, crab, kangaroo and deer; a mixture of food animals. The insides of the pizza boxes were growing a series of moss varieties.

This work is simple in its statement that yet again, animals should be thought of as something other than food. This work was later re-imagined for the solo show ‘In Remembrance of Animals’ held at Pop Gallery in 2011. Taking new pizza boxes, I cut similar silhouettes out of one side of the pizza boxes and placed boards of the same mosses behind the cut-outs so that it appeared to be growing directly onto the front of the boxes. The pizza boxes were installed opened and attached directly to the wall, with the bottom half of the boxes harbouring detailed pen drawings of the animals that were reflected in the above silhouettes. This work was intended to address the same message as its previous incantation but by incorporating the images of the animals as real, living creatures, the work was made more approachable to the audience.